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Welcome to Fleur de Lys Farm!

The focus of our farm is to breed fancy wonderful miniature donkeys. Health and well-being of our donkeys is a priority at Fleur de Lys.

The registered miniature donkeys of Fleur de Lys are healthy, happy and very social! We are comfortable that donkeys purchased from our farm will be well-adjusted and have proper manners for their new owners. They will represent the best of the breed!

We enjoy introducing new people to the “Wonderful World of Miniature Donkeys” and provide helpful information on care and proper feeding.

Customer/ Veterinary references and transportation assistance are available to all buyers as well as support at any time in raising these endearing animals.

Our farm and barns have been designed around the needs of miniature donkeys. Visitors are welcome to visit and have a miniature donkey experience. Beware! They will steal your heart!


Kathy and Larry Van Epps

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