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Please phone for information
on current donkeys for sale.

Our greatest joy is introducing new people to the World of Miniature Donkeys! It feels like we are "sharing the love!" We have fond memories of our first donkeys arriving at our farm, and to share this moment with new owners, who also become new friends, is joy!

A wonderful note from a new donkey owner:

Things I Love About My Donkeys by Peggy G

Pulling into my driveway and seeing my herd grazing together, a peaceful and comforting feeling

The silhouette of long fuzzy ears straight up and alert as I walk toward the barn

When Isabella is enjoying a scratch and her bottom lip quivers

Sitting in my barn and having Chloe back her rear-end up to get some rubbin'

Hearing the funny little noises they make when its time for a cookie

The relaxation and feeling of satisfaction I get from working hard cleaning, scooping, brushing, picking and knowing I have clean well- cared for donkeys

Saying the words "naughty donkeys" just because I think it sounds so funny!

Kathy and Larry Van Epps
8313 Highway 19
Cross Plains, WI 53528


(608) 445-6507

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